Student Health Insurance : Do I Need Pre-Approval to See a Doctor?

Being in college usually requires some sort of health insurance. Whether your parents have insurance for you, or you use the schools policy is a personal decision. If you do have student health insurance you will be subjected to there rules and regulations. In general these policies are less comprehensive than others and have very strict criteria about what doctors you can see. There may be a need for approval from the insurance provider before you see a specific doctor. You will need to consult with the policy to determine this. Most of these plans are offered at a set rate for all students and offer generic coverage.

What If You Get Injured And Need Help Immediately?

Most of the plans allow for emergency care without prior approval. Subsequent care after that, however, may require approval. Knowing what your rights are is important to ensure you get the best care possible. Student health insurance isn’t necessarily cheap as much as it is conservative. Most students remain healthy and some don’t have another insurance alternative. Also the company knows that most things can be dealt with at the infirmary inside the school. Those visits usually don’t cost a lot of money either. These student health insurance policies are minimal since the school just wants to make sure that you are covered enough if an accident was to occur. It helps to relieve the liability that would be placed on them otherwise.

What Types Of Doctors Would Need Pre-Approval?

Most specialists would fall into this category. First you would probably need to see a general practitioner. If they are unable to provide adequate care they will likely suggest a specialist. The student health insurance policy will need prior notification and will determine if their policy covers such a visit. It is a good idea to make plans in advance so that you can get the health care treatment you need. Remember, these plans are minimal and won’t cover continued medical treatment costs over a long period of time.

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