Student Health Insurance Program : Must I See Doctors on Campus?

Being a student can be a stressful enough time without having to worry about how your health care costs are going to be paid for. Most colleges require that a student have some sort of insurance to help pay for sicknesses and accidents. The problem is that most students are so busy that they don’t even know about much coverage they have, and for what treatments it can be used for. Fortunately there are some basic theories that work with most plans. Student health insurance program policies are usually somewhat basic and lack significant amounts of coverage. usually they are meant for routine checkups and care. That may leave you wondering if you have to see a doctor on campus, or if you can use one of your choice.

What Types Of Doctor Visits Might Be Covered?

It is no secret that college kids often get sick due to being run down or over stressed with work. The best way to recover quickly is usually to see a doctor. If you don’t know what your plan covers then you may be hesitant to see any doctor at all. Using a doctor that works with your student health insurance program is essential to make sure that you don’t spend a lot of money. In most cases the doctor present on campus has nothing to do with that insurance policy and is free for all students to use. In other cases it may be a visit that must be covered by insurance.

Consult With Your Policy Plan And Understand It Thoroughly

Many students will find that they eventually need some sort of off campus treatment while at school. Some policies will require a referral for certain treatments, or have strict guidelines on how you can get treatment. Knowing your rights is essential to ensure you stay healthy. You may or may not need to see a doctor on campus and then get a referral. Some student health insurance program plans will require that you only see a doctor on campus.

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