Group Health Insurance : Who is an Eligible Employee?

If you own a business or are an employee someplace that has an insurance plan, you may be wondering who qualifies as an eligible employee. The answer isn’t definite for each and every provider, but their are some basic factors most consider. First is the employment status of the employee. Man business owners only offer insurance to employees who are working full time. While group health insurance can be great, it is still costly and requires most of the same things of a person as a private insurance plan. If you have a pre-existing condition it may still be difficult to get care this way. It may also drive up the cost of the overall group if one person needs a lot of insurance.

How Can You Get This Type Of Insurance?

While it usually is offered to business and employees, in reality any group of individuals could potentially have such a plan. Some rules will be required from the group health insurance provider, and some will be required by the group administrators as well. Each is a separate entity and the group administrators decide if an employee or member can remain part of the group. Reasons for not being included could include expensive health care costs that drive up other members fees. If you work for a business that can particularly difficult to deal with since there are laws that govern how a person can be expelled.

There Are Different Rules Depending Upon the Group You Choose

Your employer may have specific ideas about who could be insured, on top of who the insurance company allows to qualify. Getting affordable group health insurance has become difficult in recent years. With prices that have already been rising in the private sector, being tied to other people who could drive up your rate is difficult to deal with as well. Remember that you still have a choice to get private insurance at any time if that is what you prefer. The new health care reform may also have an effect on group health insurance rates as well.

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