Temporary Insurance : Coverage Between Graduation and Your First Job

After you graduate college, and before you get that first job you may experience a period where you don’t have insurance. If you know that this is going to happen you get temporary insurance to help cover you. There are many different forms of this insurance and rates vary greatly. You will have to determine how much you can afford, along with what types of coverage are appropriate. Usually you have until august or September after a spring graduation to find another form of insurance. Some family plans actually are required to cover kids into their 20’s. For example, in New Jersey a child can remain on a parents plan until they are 27.

What Types Of Plans Are Available?

There are plans that range from very basic, to entirely comprehensive. The right form of temporary insurance for you will be dependent upon social and economic factors. If you are healthy you should still consider getting coverage so you are prepared for something that could happen to you. Even if you get the cheapest form of insurance because you can’t afford more, it is still better than nothing. Consider a discount health card that only gives you certain amounts off of certain types of health care. While it isn’t going to completely pay for your health care, it will still save you money in the long run. Exploring your options is important during the period when you graduate and are looking for a job.

If You Get A Job You May Still Need Private Insurance

Today’s market place is such that employers are starting to cut benefits. There are no guarantees that a degree will ensure you land a job with all the perks. If you have temporary insurance and then get a new job that doesn’t insure you, you can usually extend your current plan. You should also be able to afford more coverage at this point in time, which is certainly a good idea. Don’t be afraid to ask for more coverage if you think you may need it.

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