Short Term Medical Insurance : What Health Issues Are Not Covered?

If you are seeking a flexible plan that offers protection against unexpected health care costs and covers you for a short period, consider a short term medical insurance. With short term medical insurance, you are provided a package of benefits that are similar to a standard health insurance plan.

A Short Term Temporary Health Insurance Plan is Affordable, Fast, and Simple

With some temporary medical insurance plans, you get coverage for accidents and illnesses. You may be able to get coverage as early as the next day after you answer a few simple questions regarding your health. With short term medical insurance, you get a low cost option for your temporary health insurance needs. The following are individuals who may benefit from to obtaining short term medical insurance plans.

Individuals Who Benefit From Temporary Insurance Plans

• New graduates
• Individuals losing dependent status and have not yet enrolled in a traditional insurance plan
• Those who are in between jobs
• Individuals waiting for the benefits to start at their new job
• Early retirees who are waiting for Medicare
• Individuals who are temporarily in need of an alternative to COBRA
• Individuals on some type of strike
• Military discharge

A temporary insurance plan is a great option for individuals when life situations change so quickly and they give you the flexibility to end your coverage at any time without penalty; or the option to apply for additional term coverage. Dependent upon your needs, short term medical insurance coverage terms can range from one to twelve months in various states.

Expenses Covered & Not Covered

Medical coverage can become very expensive these days with extensive hospital stays, outpatient services, emergency room care, and prescription drug benefits. Routine doctor visits and pre-existing medical conditions are not covered. The following are things that are usually covered (benefits may vary by plan and state) on temporary plans.

• Surgery and hospital fees
• Outpatient office fees (doctor)
• Diagnostic and lab fees
• Prescription drugs (in-patient)

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