Short Term Insurance : What are Reasons You Might Get Denied?

If you are between jobs and have lost your insurance you may need to find something to fill the gap. This is especially important if you need to see doctors on a regular basis. Seniors who are waiting for their Medicare to take effect may also need to get some sort of short term insurance. While you may want to get covered, there are some reasons you could be denied. Not being healthy in a variety of ways is a big reason. Knowing what those characteristics are and trying to keep healthy should help to avoid being denied. Unfortunately there are some conditions a person can’t control that could get them denied as well.

Live A Healthy Life And Stay In Shape

It is no secret that our stressful, busy lives are starting to keep us from being healthy. The obesity rate and other disease rates are increasing steadily. The insurance companies have certain criteria they use to determine if they can offer you a policy. Short term insurance policies are no exception. Being a smoker or overweight are things that could potentially stop you from getting insurance. What can you do? You can start by trying to ensure you are always healthy and making healthy choices. That will help keep you healthy and allow you to get an affordable health insurance policy.

Other Reasons You May Be Denied

Having a pre-existing condition can be a big issue if the insurance company thinks it is going to cost them a lot of money. It seems like a heartless action, but you must remember they are businesses. You have to be honest and look for a short term insurance provider that will cover you. You may have to consider a public insurance policy or get care from a non-profit organization. Knowing your rights and options is important if you get sick before having insurance. There are many advocacy groups available as well that can help you find the right treatment at a price that is affordable to you.

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