Short Term Health Insurance : How to Bridge from One Job to the Next

If you are waiting to get regular health insurance from an employer, you can buy short term health insurance on your own. These policies are available from almost all of the major health insurance companies. The process is simpler than with long term health insurance. Short term health insurance usually runs for six months to a year. These policies are easy to get, easy to fill out the forms and usually very inexpensive. They are meant to bridge the gap between being covered by a health program from one employer to another. There are many online sites that offer short term health policies from major health insurance carriers. Many of these policies allow you to choose your own doctor and hospital in case of illness or accident while covered by their health policy.

What Health Problems Are Covered By Short Term Health Insurance Policies?

If you become ill or have an accident that requires medical attention your policy will cover your medical costs. However, if you have a pre existing medical problem that was diagnosed three to five years before your policy is put into effect, you will not be covered for your medical expenses. You should inquire about the type of coverage before you buy your policy. For those with serious health issues, a more expensive health policy might be the wiser choice. Talking to an insurance agent would be the smartest course of action.

What Can You Do To Keep Your Old Health Policy When Going From One Job To Another?

You can call your companies insurance carrier and ask if you can keep your health policy by making the premiums yourself. This would keep your health coverage with no breaks and might allow for coverage of pre existing conditions if you had been covered when the condition occurred. If you are basically in good health but are fearful of being without health insurance, your insurance agent can arrange to find affordable health coverage until you become employed again.

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