Which Medicare Supplement Is Best : Top 5 things to see which company is best for you

Medicare Part A

This is the body of the Medicare program and covers certain portions of in-patient hospital costs, as well as portions of hospice, home assistance, and nurse care. Part A is mandatory and is not a supplement.

Medicare Part B

This is the main supplement covering outpatient needs like, doctor visits, x-rays, and outside medical testing. Part B was designed to compliment Part A and both are the cornerstones of federally funded Medicare.

Medicare Advantage Part C

This was created as a privatized alternative to the federal Medicare programs. It offers additional benefits sometimes at lower prices than A and B. Within Medicare Advantage are several option plans like HMOs, PPOs, and Private Fee for Service (PFFS) plans.

Part D

This plan is a Medigap policy to benefit A and B. This plan offers prescription drug coverage where A and B do not.

Top Five Things to Look for in Medicare Supplements

1. The Provider Relationship. It’s important to research providers for financially solvency, as well as good ratings from policy holders.
2. Possible Waiting Period. Some providers may require a holding period on any pre-existing conditions, this may be relevant in delaying your health care.
3. Outpatient Care. Both Part B and Medicare Advantage offer this benefit, however Medicare Advantage offers custom benefits that Part B does not.
4. Cost Efficiency. If you’ve paid into Part A in advance through your work then you have already contributed to your Medicare costs. Part B may be all you need for a supplement. Medicare Advantage has cost efficient programs combining elements of A and B, as well as D in one premium which could save money in the long run.
5. Additional Benefits. Due to it’s privatized system Medicare Advantage offers Vision, dental care, and hearing aids among their custom plans.

Research advantages and disadvantages of each Medicare program before making any decision as to which Medicare supplement is best for you.

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