What are the top 5 Medicare supplemental companies?

While looking for the top Medicare supplemental companies, you look for those companies that provide maximum coverage at lowest price. This is not easy as the deciding factor in all Medicare supplemental plans is the price which in turn depends on location, age and gender.
Each person thus has their individual opinions about Medicare supplemental companies. However here is a list of the top 5 Medicare supplemental companies based on ease of use, financial stability, customer service and competitive prices.

Mutual of Omaha

The number of customers with Mutual of Omaha proves the company’s efficiency while their customer service and claims processing is first class. They are financially stable and offer first class claims processing services.


AARP is a famous company offering competitive prices and is more expensive than most companies. The company however boasts of excellent customer service and unique pricing methods. As the company has unique underwriting guidelines, buying plans here is easy for healthy people with some health issues.

Gerber Life

Gerber Life is a company famous for baby food and child related products. While they offer very low rates in some regions, they have recently implemented steep price hikes. So while they were the best Medicare supplemental companies to many in the past few years, they are rather overpriced in most areas today. However as Mutual of Omaha completes their customer service and claims administration, it implies this is a first class company.

Family Life

Family Life is a small company that charges low prices in many areas. While the company is not as famous as their big counterparts, people who have bought plans from this company have only good things to say about the company’s performance. This company is indeed a major contender in the near future of Medicare supplemental companies.

Fly-by-night companies

There are many fly-by-night companies that offer Medicare supplement insurance. These companies are famous only for a year or two before their prices increase tremendously and just disappear. It is however not possible to predict how good these companies are as some companies offer great service while maintaining great prices and other companies are rather difficult to work with.

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