What are the current Humana medicare supplement plans?

Humana offers a series of Medicare supplement plans that help to cover medical costs Medicare Parts A and B do not cover. Below we take a look at them.

Plans A and B

Both plans cover hospitalization, hospice care and medical expenses. Plan B not only offers this coverage, it also covers the deductible for Part A.

Plan C

In addition to the coverage offered by plans A or B, plan C covers emergency care overseas and nursing care.

Plan F

This plan offers a comprehensive list of benefits. They include coverage for the deductible of Part A and Part B, emergency care if you fall sick abroad, access to skilled nurses and all of Part B excess charges. While the deductible can be higher, it can offer lower premiums.

Plan G

This plan includes the basic benefits, coverage for additional costs including excess charges from Plan B and emergency care abroad.

Plans K and L

The plans offer lower premiums yet still cover a wide range of medical costs. These costs include hospital care and the services of doctors. However these plans only pay a portion of the total cost. The patient must pay the rest. There is a limit on the amount of out-of-pocket patients pay each year.

Plan N

This plan provides the same basic benefits as plans K and L. However the plan also includes up to a $50 emergency room co-payment and a $20 limit on office co-payment. Plan N also covers skilled nursing care, emergency care abroad and costs for the deductible for Part A.

The coverage offered by Humana varies by state. Further, the supplemental policies offered by Humana may not cover all medical costs. Things like long-term care, vision and dental, hearing aids, prescription drugs and private duty nursing are not covered.

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