USAA Medicare Supplemental Insurance Reviews

What Plans Does USAA Medicare Supplemental Insurance Offer It’s Members?

USAA offers all parts of the Medicare program with a very comprehensive explanation as to how each plan works, so you will have an understanding of different plans to meet your goals. There are four basic plans or “parts” to Medicare and the supplements. Part A is the main federal insurance plan through Medicare. This plan covers hospitalization, hospice, limited home health services, and nursing facilities. Part B is optional coverage which provides for outpatient expenses such as, doctor visits, x-rays, laboratory, and ambulance service. Part C or Medicare Advantage was created to let people have a choice as to whether they want private care that replaces federally mandated Parts A and B. Part D of the federal program offers prescription medication not covered in Parts A and B; Medicare Advantage also offers prescription medication. USAA has all the information posted on their site with further explanations of the benefits for each supplement.

How Does USAA Medicare Supplemental Insurance Stack Up with It’s Competition?

USAA realizes that there are many supplemental providers to choose from and strives to be the very best. This starts with their comprehensive website and follows through with their friendly service. As stated before, all the parts of federally mandated Medicare supplements are regulated and therefore offer the same benefits. What sets USAA apart is the way they treat their members. Their website, has comprehensive information and their service center provides further help from representatives that can answer all your personal care questions.

Is There Any Other Sites That Recommend USAA?

There are many comment pages where you can resource reviews of USAA, including one located on the August 18th on-line edition of the New York Times “Your Money” page. Research is always important when looking for supplemental insurance that will fit your lifestyle and pocketbook. USAA Medicare supplemental insurance stands at the top of the list with over 7.2 million satisfied members.

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