Top 3 Medicare Supplements : Who has the top consumer ratings for Medicare insurance?

All Medicare Supplements are the same, no matter what company you buy from. In other words, all F plans, and all C plans are the same. However, there are some that are more popular than others. What are the top 3 Medicare Supplements that most people buy? What makes them so popular, and who are the top providers for Medicare Supplements?

What Are the Top 3 Medicare Supplements That Retirees Buy?

The top 3 Medicare Supplement plans that seniors purchase are plans F, G, and C. These plans fill in the most gaps, but vary in coverage. Plan J was one of the favorites but was phased out by Medicare in June, 2010.

Plan F Is The Most Popular

Plan F is the most popular as it covers all the basic benefits including all the co-payments and A and B deductibles. Most folks that choose plan F rarely have to pay a medical bill again.

Plan G For Those On A Budget

Plan G is an excellent plan for those on a budget. Plan G covers many of the same things as plan F, but comes with an annual deductible for medical services. Plan G also comes with an addition for at home recovery.

Plan C Is Slightly Different Than Plan F And Is A Great Option

Only slightly cheaper than plan F is plan C and is exactly like plan F except for the part B excess charges which plan C does not cover. This is a very good option for many seniors as well.

Who Are The Top 3 Medicare Supplement Providers?

Based on a national market share analysis, the top 3 providers of Medicare supplements for the years 2008 and 2009 are United Health Care with 29% of the market share (AARP contract), Wellpoint with 8%, Mutual of Omaha with 6%, and Health Care Services Corporation with 5%, according to

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