Supplemental Insurance After Medicare : What are the minimum requirements?

Medicare is government insurance. Insurance supplementing Medicare is private, highly regulated. A person must be at least 65, have standard Medicare part A and part B or be in process of getting them to apply for supplemental insurance after Medicare. Medicare part C or Medicare advantage plan is not acceptable for it, because Medicare Advantage insureds already have Medicare accepted private health insurance like HMOs and PPOs with better benefits than those in standard Medicare. A person needs to drop the Medicare Advantage plan and switch to standard Medicare to buy Medicare supplemental insurance. When applying in the period while eligible to apply for Medicare, then information on existing health conditions if not required, but might be a requirement after that period. Because of state regulations not all federally accepted supplemental plans are available in every state. For example cost of insurance to supplement Medicare in Massachusetts and number of available plans to choose, which is two, are regulated by the state. But Texas allows 10 different Medicare supplemental plans and don’t regulate costs of them.

Application must be filled right

Application for supplement insurance after Medicare must not include any fraudulent information on health or other matters. Intentional or unintentional wrong information may void a policy.

AARP requirements

AARP organization, which provides Medicare supplemental insurance from United HealthCare Insurance Corporation, has its own requirement: one needs to be its member. But there is also one year free membership available for non members buying Medicare supplemental insurance.

Another special requirement

There is one requirement that applies to married couples only. Supplemental insurance after Medicare is for individuals only covering individual expenses only, no combined expenses.

Practical considerations

Since one has to pay for Medicare and Medicare supplemental insurance premiums, one has to be in financial position to pay for both. Supplemental insurance after Medicare is guaranteed renewable, if premiums have been paid in time. Different Medicare supplement plans have different benefits and different premium costs, therefore medical needs must to be considered together with financial ability to take care of all premiums.

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