Sterling Medicare Supplemental Insurance Reviews

The Sterling Life Insurance Company has a special medical branch exclusively dedicated to servicing the needs of elderly people who are searching for Medicare supplement options. Sterling Medicare Supplemental Insurance provides a variety of options, including the Medicare Advantage Plan consisting of Options 1 and 2.

Sterling Option #1

Sterling Option #1 is the first Medicare Advantage plan that allows holders to combine Medicare Supplemental Services and traditional Medicare. This ultimately translates into seeing your physician and allowing the bill to be sent to Sterling. Sterling will pay the bill and Medicaid will be notified of their portion, which then pays Sterling. This subsequently saves lots of time and headaches with filing claims with Medicaid and Sterling. Sterling basically handles everything while making the process as simple as possible for you. Your only concern will be paying the premiums for your Sterling Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan as well as for the Medicare Part B plan.


• Choosing personal physicians and hospitals after agreeing with Sterling’s terms and conditions.
• No referrals are necessary, you simply see a specialist whenever you feel the necessity to do so; plus, a doctor’s approval isn’t required.
• Coverage while traveling is afforded. Most elderly Medicare insurance holders are retired and may want to travel to see the world; therefore, this benefit is considered to be nice perk.

Sterling Option #2

Sterling Option #2 isn’t much different than Option #1, with the exception of a prescription coverage benefit. Surprisingly to some people Sterling has over 55,000 pharmacies accepting their plan, which includes having your prescriptions being delivered by mail, if necessary. The costs of prescriptions can increase quickly without notification and having support comes in handily for the elderly and disabled. There have been cases where seniors were paying $300-$500 per month in prescription costs; while having Medicaid. It is for this reason Sterling Medicare Supplemental Insurance is so important to have.

Sterling also has additional programs like their Rx, Rx Plus, Premier and Medicare Select plans. These are programs that are exclusively for seniors looking for additional coverage.

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