Mutual of Omaha Plan F Review

Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company offers the Plan F Medigap plan at a monthly premium ranging from $140-$299. Its monthly cost at $512 includes a plan and Part B premium and drug costs, which is more than other Medicare supplement plans.

Great protection for uncovered Part B medical expenses

The Plan F is a very popular Medicare supplement plan as no other standardized Medicare supplement plan offers as much protection for uncovered Part B medical expenses than Plan F. the coverage you can expect from Plan F include:
Part A deductible which is essential if you need to stay in the hospital. Here plan F covers 100% of the year’s deductible, which changes every year and which you otherwise have to pay with each benefit period.
Part B deductible is essential if you have Medicare Part B where you have to pay the Part B deductible every year for Medicare to pay its share. However with Plan F, 100% of the deductible is covered every year.

Coverage for pints of blood

Part B coinsurance and first three pints of blood- without this coverage, you have to pay 20% of the Medicare approved Medicare part B covered services and supplies like doctor and outpatient services. Plan F covers 20% of remainder costs and cost of 3 pints of blood per year.
Additional 365 hospital days stay which you can receive after using all your Medicare hospital benefits. Foreign travel emergency care which saves you emergency care money. After a $250 deductible, Plan F covers 80% to a maximum of $50,000 of your emergency expenses.

Extra coverage for home and skilled nursing facilities

While Medicare pays for the first 20 days of skilled nursing facility (SNF) you use, if you need more SNF after a hospital stay or if your hospital stay surpasses the allotted 20 days, Plan F covers the remaining $296 till the 100th day from day 21. You however have to bear 100% of the costs if the stay exceeds 100 days.
The remaining 20% not covered by Medicare Part B for home health care services you receive at home to treat an illness or injury is covered by Plan F.

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