Medicare Supplemental : What’s the best plan for me?

Medicare was originally developed to help people over 65 with their hospital bills during any inpatient visits. Since then the variations on Medicare and it’s supplements have caused a bit of confusion. There are now many medicare supplemental plans to choose from, but not one federally mandated plan that addresses all needs.

Where Do I Start in Finding the Right Medicare Supplemental Plan for Me?

The first place to begin is with Medicare Part A which is the original Medicare plan. This will cover your hospital stay for up to 100 continuous days. After Part A then you will need to look into the various supplemental plans. For more information, mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plans are a good place to start.

Is There Coverage for Out-Patient Care?

Most of the Medicare supplemental plans offer different aspects of out-patient care. Part B was originally designed to cover out-patient needs. Part B fits comfortably with Part A in covering beneficiary needs. The only thing not covered in either plan is prescription medication which is addressed with Part D.

Is There Any Type of Plan That Covers both Parts A, B, and D?

There are supplemental addendums coming out constantly with plans that may have what you need. Keep in mind these are federally instituted plans and will usually need to be covered by more than one premium. Many people reaching retirement age have opted to go with privatized Medicare Insurance known as Part C or Medicare Plus. This Medicare plan is not federal.

What is the Benefit of Medicare Plus?

Medicare Plus is a comprehensive plan that covers most aspects of Parts A, B, and D. This plan includes, prescription drug coverage, preventative services, and mental health services.

Isn’t Medicare Plus Expensive?

Part C was added to help those who where not covered in the workplace and wanted more of a customized supplemental insurance. Since then many employees have opted to provide Plan C to their employees, as well as those who sign up for coverage outside the workplace. Because of the privatized position of Part C or Medicare Plus there are many different types of plans available that will benefit any potential applicant’s money situation.

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