Medicare Gap Coverage Insurance : Nationwide coverage for private insurance plans

Medicare gap coverage is described as a health insurance policy that is sold to private companies. The whole point is to fill the “gap” in which the regular Medicare Plan does not cover. The policy will help pay any health care costs that is not covered. Both policies are great to have together in case of the event that one does not cover the other. One of the typical types of policies includes the “standardized” medigap. This type of policy has specific benefits. They can easily be compared.

Different Plans Available

There are over 12 standardized plans that are available through Medigap. These plans go through A to L. Most of these policies must be followed by the Federal laws in order to protect the consumer. Most policies must identify on the cover as Medicare Supplement Insurance. All of the plans have their own benefits and extras that may not exists with the others. In order to qualify for Medigap policies, a person must have Medicare Part A and Part B. Each policy must be paid on monthly at a premium rate. In addition to these costs, a person must also pay a premium to the Medigap insurance company. If you have a partner, each one of you must purchase a different policy. The Medigap policy will not cover a spouse.

Basic Benefits

Some of the basic benefits are for those who need hospice co-insurance. This is considered Part A of the available benefits. This means that the policy holder will be covered for outpatient prescription drugs and other impatient respite care. Plan L will cover up to 75% of all costs while Plan K covers half of the costs. Part B co-insurance includes K, L and N. The consumer will need to pay a portion of Part B co-payments. This could make lower premiums.

New Plans Offered

Some of the new plans offered to consumers include plan M and N. Plan M includes all the basics and over 50% is required for a deductible. These plans also include foreign travel emergency (which also has their limits). It is very useful to have medicare gap coverage insurance.

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