Medicare Eligibility : Who qualifies? : Minimum requirements

Social Security benefit recipients and spouses are eligible for Medicare. Those that are under age 65 and disabled must wait 24 months before the coverage is effective. Those that are about to turn 65 should file for Medicare three months prior to their birthday. If a person is under age 65 and has end stage renal disease, the person could meet criteria for Medicare eligibility.

Qualified Medicare Employment

Federal law called the Federal Insurance Contributions Act requires employers to withhold two taxes. One tax is for Social Security benefits; the other tax is for Medicare benefits. Any person that has worked at a job where FICA has been taken from their check qualifies under this condition. However, the amount of specified credits must be met for individuals under age 65. The current number of work credits is 40. A person must reach this number before they will be deemed eligible for Medicare. Self-employed workers that have paid FICA taxes also qualify under these conditions.

Yearly Social Security Statement

Every year the Social Security Administration sends out a statement that lists the credits received thus far. This statement will also list the amount of Social Security benefits you qualify for currently. If you do not have enough credits, this statement will tell you how many is needed for Medicare eligibility. Generally, the 40 credits that are needed for these benefits can be earned in 10 years. This statement also list the Social Security benefit amounts available to the beneficiary and their dependents. There is also a maximum family benefit amount listed on this statement. Social Security sends this statement out at a certain time each year.

Are Non-Citizens Eligible For Medicare?

If a non citizen is a lawfully admitted person, this person could meet Medicare eligibility requirements. Those that have worked covered Medicare credits must have worked lawfully for the employer. Others that do not meet this requirement must be 65 and have lived in the U.S. for five years continuously before applying for Medicare.

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