Medicare Disability Supplemental Insurance : Pre-existing conditions

If you are approaching the Medicare insurance age and planning on purchasing a supplement insurance policy from a Medicare approved company, don’t be overly concerned about pre-existing conditions. A life jacket is floating out there in the supplemental insurance community pool with your name on it. You just have to locate it.

What’s The Real Story On Medicare Disability Supplemental Insurance: Pre-Existing Conditions?

Insurance options abound for people with Medicare due to a disability. Medicare supplemental insurance policies are similar in some respects. Some may have a waiting period, some not. Medicare disability applicants should enroll in a Medicare Plan during a six month available window period. If not, medical underwriting and acceptance, in some cases, could introduce you to two words that hang around some medical programs, slim and none.

Will My Pre-existing Condition Be Covered On A Medigap Policy Or Not?

All insurance companies have rules. One rule concerns the treatment of pre-existing conditions. A Medicare Advantage Plan, offered by some insurance companies, may provide all the benefits covered under the original Medicare Plan A and then some. Some Medicare disability supplemental insurance companies have no pre-existing conditions for enrollment and there is no physical examination required.

Anything Else I Should Know About My Medicare Disability Supplemental Insurance: Pre-Existing Conditions?

Several factors will determine the cost of your policy. Age, gender, benefit amounts, type of occupation, any other riders attached to other Medicare plans and whether any group coverage is available or not. What benefits are available and the costs involved will largely depend on the type of coverage and nature of the disability. Like any other important medical document you need to know what the policy doesn’t cover, not what it does cover.

Can A Medicare Supplement Or Medigap Insurer Turn Me Down?

The fact is some Medicare supplement insurance companies may take a look at your pre-existing conditions and just say no thanks. If that happens your best bet is to go online and do some research.

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