Humana Medicare Supplemental Insurance Reviews and Ratings

Humana is a leading US healthcare provider with business programs used by the largest, medium and small sized firms. The company started as a nursing home in 1961 to grow into a leading US nursing care facility. Once they started buying hospitals in the 70s, the firm changed their name to Humana and grew to the leading healthcare provider they are today.

Good BBB accreditation

Humana offers various insurance products for individuals and businesses. The options they offer are health insurance, prescription plans, Medicare supplement plans, vision protection and dental coverage for individuals and similar plans with additional life insurance, disability coverage, spending plans and wellness plans for businesses.

Humana Medicare supplemental insurance has a good Better Business Bureau accreditation since 1998 and today has an A+ rating. Of course, like any other insurance firm, Humana too received its share of 400 complaints over the past three years.

Various Medicare options

As Humana offers various Medicare options like prescription drug coverage, supplement plans and Medicare advantage plans, you need to visit Humana’s website to download the literature explaining these Medicare options.

Under a partnership with Wal-Mart, Humana now offers a preferred prescription drug plan with a monthly premium of less than $15 a month. This makes this Medicare supplemental plan from Humana an affordable option especially for those who regularly take medications.

Exercise caution

While it’s typical for insurance companies to get low ratings on consumer websites, Humana has one of the lowest ones so far. There are various reports against Humana about customers being denied the services that doctors had requested, billing errors and even abrupt premium increases.

This is why consumers who are interested in getting a Humana Medicare supplemental insurance policy should practice extreme caution and preferably first read the details of their agreement. Even notices received via mail should not be discarded as there are rumors of Humana having a habit of burying large rage increases in the annual reports they send to customers.

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