Humana Medicare Supplement Insurance Reviews

Humana Medicare Supplement Insurance plans are designed to help individuals who qualify for the traditional Medicare plans make the most of healthcare dollars. The plans are simple and affordable. Humana has a large selection to choose from and this can make finding the plan that meets your needs a lot simpler.

The Plans

The Humana Medicare Supplement Insurance plans consist of Advantage Plans and Medigap, each one is designed to supplement the coverage you’re already under. The choices also range from Private Fee for Service or PFFS, the popular HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) coverage as well as the PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) coverage; there’s even a special needs optional plan that tailors to specific needs or requirements.

Preferred Provider Organization

This coverage provides the option of seeing virtually any physician you choose. Many people have chosen this coverage on account of this tremendous benefit and for various other reasons as well, including no referrals needed for the plan and the option of deciding where you would like to receive care. The Humana Gold Choice PFFS plan allows holders to pay affordable monthly premiums as well as fix co-payments for your doctor and inpatient covered service.

Health Maintenance Organization

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) is for those searching for a broader type of coverage that has fixed rates and affordable fees. It’s one of the Advantage plans that offers all the benefits of a traditional Medicare coverage with additional coverage like traveling benefits (outside of the U.S.), unlimited PCP or Primary Care Physician visits as well as coverage for some annual screenings as well. With this coverage your PCP most be chosen from within the network unlike the PPO coverage where there is no list of network providers. However, the premiums are a lot lower with this coverage as well as out of pocket expenses and a lot more predictable than other plans.

These are the two widely used Humana Medicare Supplement Insurance plans in the nation, they are very flexible and affords holders the opportunity to balance their choices with affordability.

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