Does AARP have Medicare Supplemental insurance?

It is true that the AARP Supplemental Medicare Insurance program is meant to secure the future of AARP members. However AARP and its affiliates are not the insurer of this policy. It is United HealthCare that pays a royalty fee to AARP in return for using their AARP intellectual property. This is because lots of people in the Medicare system trust the AARP brand and thus looks at AARP Supplemental Medicare insurance with lots of hope.

Limits annual extra medical expenses

The AARP Supplemental Medicare insurance plan is insured by UnitedHealth Insurance Company and helps cover some or all of the medical expenses not covered by Medicare parts A & B.
In the process, these plans help you limit all your annual out-of-pocket medical expenses. In addition to that, with your AARP Medicare Supplemental insurance ensures you don’t need a referral to consult a specialist.

Provides to family health needs

However if you compare AARP Supplemental Medicare insurance plans with other Medicare supplements, you find that there are many Medicare supplements that do better at providing to the health care needs of a family and individuals.

For example, some groups state that with AARP supplemental insurance program, only 70% of your medical costs is paid if you go through open heart surgery, which turns out to be really expensive.

AARP Medicare supplement for reducing eye care costs

Moreover, there are also many people who believe that they have already paid a lot in Medicare taxes over the years and thus do not feel it necessary to pay for something like the AARP Supplemental Medicare Insurance program.

However though these people think that the traditional Medicare system will cover up the needs of so many people out there, they do feel that it is necessary to have the AARP Medicare supplemental insurance program to afford spectacles as the traditional Medicare system does not help reduce eye care costs.

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