Best Medicare Supplements : Where to find ratings for the plans and companies?

You need to really be honest as to what type of premium payments you can afford above and beyond the regular Medicare plan (Part A) you have been paying into through work. Like anything else in life you get what you pay for. Another important question that you must ask yourself is whether your health can be helped by just one supplement. The main Medicare supplement is known as Part B. You must have both A and B before you can add any other supplement onto your plan.

Is There That Much of a Difference in Supplements?

Actually there is a big difference in what each provides. Medicare Part A is designed to pay for portions of any hospital in-patient treatment and care, while Part B handles out-patient treatment. Between these two essential plans most beneficiary’s needs are covered. However there is no coverage for prescription medication. This is covered in Part D. You may be asking what happened to Part C? While A, B and D are all federal creations, Part C is a separate form of coverage which is provided through private health insurance companies. This type of addendum, known as Medicare Advantage (MA), is a form of customized supplement which includes prescription drugs, dental and vision care, and even health club memberships. However you must also carry Parts A and B before you can qualify for this plan.

What Is Considered the Very Best Medicare Supplement?

Again, the best Medicare supplements are subjective to what you feel you need for you and your family. If you want to be sure you have all the bases covered, and can afford the premiums, then you should add Medicare Advantage to your supplemental plan.

Ask your personal physician, and people you trust, while checking as many on-line sites possible to find out which providers have the best ratings among their current users.

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