AARP Medicare Supplement Insurance Reviews

Medicare supplement insurance provides coverage for those cost that are not covered by Medicare. In addition, the insurance must meet certain minimum standards that are set by state and federal law. AARP medicare supplemental insurance is available to the public. Let’s take a closer look at AARP Medicare supplemental insurance.

Who is Eligible for the Insurance?

More and more people are concerned about covering the gap that Medicare does not pay. They spend time seeking out the insurance that covers the gap. Those over 50 years of age are eligible to buy the coverage from AARP.

Is the Supplemental Insurance Plans Offered Through AARP Sound?

There has been a tremendous amount of discussion over the issue concerning the validity of the insurance offered through AARP. Some reports show that AARP has not always delivered on their promises to their members. This fact does not necessarily relate to their long term insurance plans. Only time will tell if the insurance offered through the plan really delivers.

Is The Insurance Affordable?

AARP has a long standing claim that their organization is in the business of providing low cost, affordable insurance, to the organization’s many members. Getting the necessary insurance for seniors is a primary focus for the company. It is up to the individual to do the necessary research and find the most affordable plan for them.

What Plans Are Available?

There are several AARP Medicare Supplemental insurance plans for the consumer to review. The Premiere plan covers about 80 percent of preventive care cost, prescription cost, doctor visits, and hospitalization. This is of course after the individual has met the deductible. Next, are High Deductible Health Plans. These health plans traditionally offer much lower annual premiums. The High Deductible Health Plans also place a much higher financial burden on the individual in the long run because higher deductibles. The insured is expected to pay full price for doctor visits, lab test, and hospitalizations until they meet the deductible. Preventive and Hospital plans are thought to be the best and most affordable. Deductibles are lower but the consumer pays full price for doctor visits, lab test, hospitalization, until the deductible is met.

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