What are the top health insurance companies for the self-employed?

It is essential that everyone has some medical insurance; however it is rather difficult for the self-employed to find the right health insurance company. However there is some good news for them in the form of some insurance companies that provide better coverage for the self-employed:


Cigna has many medical insurance plan options for the self-employed, including some plans that offer optional dental benefits. In addition to this, Cigna offers plans with discounts on health and wellness products not usually covered with health insurance. Cigna members enjoy the additional benefit of online account management to view and pay premiums online.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield boasts of a large network across 38 states which helps provide health insurance coverage across the nation. In fact, this is one of the largest and more popular insurers in the country with various plans for the self-employed including plans that offer discounts on wellness products and services not usually covered by insurance benefits.

United Healthcare

United Healthcare is a large health insurance company that provides medical insurance to the self-employed and their families through a large provider network with various plans, including high-deductible health care plans. This provider also offers short-term plans for those people who are self-employed on a temporary basis or in between jobs.


It is through the Humana One program that Humana offers health insurance to the self-employed. The plans in this program not only provide medical coverage but also lets you add dental benefits or a vision plan to it. The plans also offer incentives that provide for good health choices and credit which can be redeemed for things like free movie tickets.

So, the self-employed no longer have to risk going without medical insurance as they have plenty of insurance companies to approach for medical insurance. You have no hurry getting yourself a policy; you can take your time to compare the features of all the companies and plans to find the best deal for yourself and family.

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