State Farm Insurance : Steps to Filing a Claim

A State Farm insurance claim, can be reported either by telephone, Internet or in person at a convenient State Farm office. To file a claim via the Internet, visit the State Farm online home page and click on the claim window. If you are a State Farm insurance member, your policy information will automatically be shown, if you are not, log in, but you will have to input all your personal information.

Depending upon the type of claim(s) filed and the state in which you live, general information required by the policy holder will include the name of the insured and the policy number. State Farm insurance will need specific information in order to process different insurance claims:

Vehicle Claims:

Gather as much information at the accident as possible, even though a law enforcement officer will also be on the scene. The information you should provide is the make, model, year, license plate for each vehicle involved, what the damage is to each vehicle, passengers in each car and if there are any injuries. File a claim, followed by having your vehicle examined by a company recommended by State Farm.

Personal Property Claims:

Inspect and report damage to home and personal property. File your State Farm claim and let them know the extent of the damage by providing specific information on the property i.e., brand names, model numbers, property age, purchase price and other information as required. A claim representative will visit your property to estimate the damage and inform you of your cash value.

Workers Compensation Claim:

If an employee is injured, State Farm has already provided a claims package which tells the employer how to fax, mail or call in the claim. The employer is to provide employee’s name, social security and a description of the incident and injury. A State Farm customer service representative, will take the information and provide the employer with a claim number and submit the information to the appropriate state agency.

Business Property Claim:

Contact State Farm’s claim representative and give them specific information to include brand names, model numbers, property age and purchase price. If there are any claims against the business, State Farm will conduct its investigation. Depending upon your policy, State Farm insurance will make claim adjustments where you may be liable.

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