Same Day Health Insurance

If you are looking for health insurance, but don’t have the time or patience to go through the many tests and wait for the policy, you can now get an instant policy because of same day health insurance.

As the name implies, as long as you are under 60, you will be able to get a health insurance policy within minutes and a day of applying for it as you don’t have to go through a bevy of diagnostic tests.

Internet makes same day health insurance possible

All you have to do is choose a policy that fits your requirements and once you fill the form and complete the payment process, you immediately receive the policy number. The policy details are then sent to you online within an hour or so.

So you can say that it is because of the internet that same day health insurance is made possible. As long as you don’t have any health problems, you will receive your policy within minutes of making an online application, and need not wait for it. Moreover, as mentioned above, there are no unnecessary tests to go through, and waste your time.

Do not hide health problems

However if you suffer from a chronic problem, and hide it by claiming you have no health problems, and this point surfaces when you make a claim, your claim is dishonoured. Moreover, if you proclaim that you have health problems while filling out the form, there is a chance of a delay with your receiving your policy.

Health insurance is very necessary

Health insurance is very important today as everyone finds it difficult meeting the increasing health expenses needed to increase longevity of life. The advancements in medical sciences used for treating various health problems keep on increasing the per capita health expenses of a person, and makes it necessary to get health insurance.

However remember that though you may get a same day health insurance policy, it is not possible to file a claim tomorrow. There is a waiting period for a health policy to come in effect, after which you can make a claim.

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