Quick Health Insurance Approval

If you are looking for quick health insurance approval, you should consider an online application. There are many insurance providers which readily process online applications within only a few minutes’ time if you answer ‘no’ for all the health questions.

‘No’ means quick approval

By answering ‘no’ to health questions like if you have pre-existing conditions; it proves you are a healthy person, which in turn gives the health insurance provider a reason to accept your insurance application. In fact, you are practically assured of policy acceptance, no matter how long the carrier may take to process the application.

‘Yes’ only delays applications

However if you answer ‘yes’ to health questions, wherein you oblige that you suffer from some health problems, it only leads to a delay in your application. No matter where you apply or which insurance company you approach, your application has to be reviewed by a person or underwriter, and this is the reason for the delay in the approval of your health insurance policy.

The application is delayed even more if medical records are required for the carrier’s scrutiny. Some carriers may request the records and some of them will have you send them in. No matter which way is adopted, this is not a fast process, and only delays your insurance application.

Agencies do not determine application approval

Remember that no matter where you apply online for a quick health insurance approval, you buy direct from the insurance provider and not through an agency. Online insurance agencies only help you with your application and do not determine how fast the application is processed as it is the carrier that controls this, including the policy’s design and price.

The best option for quick health insurance approval which is processed immediately and replied through return emails is short term coverage. This is because the applications for these policies are short and easy to fill out, and are electronically issued without any prior human review.

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