Does Obamacare help with pre-existing conditions?

Anyone in your family suffering from any pre-existing health condition like heart disease, pregnancy and asthma can now easily get coverage or change existing health plans from 2014 through Obamacare.

This is because Obamacare does not let insurers deny providing coverage to people suffering from pre-existing, physical or mental conditions and even conditions that existed before the start of coverage.

It also does not permit insurers to refuse paying for covered medical care and services because of a pre-existing condition or even charge you more for any family pre-existing condition.

Coverage offered

In case you don’t have any insurance coverage, or if you plan to change plans, you can either look for a new plan in the individual insurance or your state’s new health marketplace. These insurance plans generally cover hospitalization charges, prescription drugs, doctor visits and maternity care without the worry of restrictions for pre-existing conditions.

These policies also cover expenses for preventive services like screenings, contraception and immunization without any added costs. There is no need of providing your detailed health or medical history to apply for these policies and you can compare the various plans and prices in the marketplace. While the open enrollment period for the state’s marketplace runs from Oct. 1 to March 31st, the coverage starts on Jan. 1 2014.

Help with different plan types

It is true there are many types of plans in the market where they vary based on their coverage, their premium charges and the deductibles and out-of-pocket costs they require. However these plans cannot charge you more just because of your weak medical history; insurance companies can vary their premiums based on only your age, the number of people covered by the policy and if you use tobacco.

Premium help

Obamacare also helps with premiums. You are eligible for financial assistance to help the cost of policies bought through the state’s marketplace. The range of financial assistance you stand to receive differs for families of different sizes.

Moreover, those with low income who buy their coverage through the marketplace will have their deductibles and out-of-pocket costs reduced. In fact, if your coverage is low, you may be eligible for Medicaid coverage.

Other benefits

Obamacare first offered a temporary program that provides coverage to people with pre-existing conditions in 2010. While those with this coverage in their state remain enrolled in it till the end of January 2014, it is better to get coverage through your marketplace as soon as possible.

Moreover, if you have currently bought your own insurance, and not through your employer, the plan may be exempted from the law’s pre-existing condition requirements. However based on the new rules, you can always drop the coverage and buy a new policy.

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