Best Medical Insurance : Ranking the Top Five Companies

Americans are always on the lookout for better and more affordable health care and the best medical insurance. We want to know who will be there for our family in our time of need. We also want to know that we are not going to pay with a pound of flesh to have the kind of medical coverage that we need to provide for our families. Here is a list of the top 5 best medical insurance companies in the United States today.

1. Aetna Inc.

This company has landed in the top 5 due to its dedication to its members and health care professionals and great cost-efficiency. They offer both health and dental care plans as well as a wide range of pharmaceuticals, group life insurance and disability insurance. They boast more than 19 million members for medical coverage alone. Over 14% of the U.S. has Aetna as an insurance provider.

2. Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

This company covers 30% of Americans. 39 separate insurers merged to make a network of comprehensive health care. They have the largest number of health insurers in the United States aside from managed health care plans. They are dedicated to bring quality managed health care to their members.

3. CIGNA Corporation

They are the smallest corporation on this list with 9 million members, but they have no small attitude when it comes to health care for their members. CIGNA has landed in the top 5 because of their work to understand the needs of each of their customers and a proactive attitude to keep all of their information up to date for the best medical insurance possible.

4. United Health Care Groups, Inc.

The second largest health care company in the U.S., United Health care is dedicated to affordable health care and works to constantly improve their services. They also maintain their work in improving the health care systems so that the systems work better.

5. WellPoint, Inc.

This company covers 1 out of every 9 Americans. Their work to promote preventative care and wellness in communities has certainly lent itself to making their company so successful. They hold the welfare of their members and the value of their health care in the highest of standards. Many people look to WellPoint for the best medical insurance.

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