Affordable Individual Health Insurance : Picking a Plan Right For You

Deciding on the type of affordable individual health insurance that is right for you can be a complicated choice. Understanding what the different options cover and provide will help you make a decision. Health insurance plans vary from state to state and the decision you make should depend on the medical services required.

Comprehensive Health Insurance

This type of coverage will pay a percentage of medical costs; this includes charges incurred at hospitals and for doctor’s expenses. Comprehensive coverage has a deductible or co-pay that is billed to the insured member. The health insurance company that offers comprehensive coverage generally allows large amounts of medical expenses to be covered; this may be as much as $1 million to $5 million. Choosing this type of coverage will also offer the member a large amount of covered services.

Scheduled Plans

This type of affordable individual health insurance is a basic policy that offers its members access to seeing a doctor or filling a prescription. Many refer to these plans as mini-med plans or association programs. Often members need to be a part of an association that is not selling health insurance such as a credit union. Scheduled plans limit services for hospitals and surgery; however they are more affordable. They are not intended for devastating medical situations and will not cover these situations.

HMO Plans

This type of coverage is a managed care organization that contracts with doctors, hospitals and specialists. With a contract the HMO is able to offer affordable coverage to their members; this does limit those that are a part of the HMO to using doctors and hospitals that are within their network. Members can choose to use physicians that are not contracted; however the cost for using them is greater. HMO’s do not have deductibles and generally have their members pay co-pay for the medical services that are required. HMO’s are an affordable individual health insurance coverage available to consider. Preexisting conditions are covered by most HMO’s.

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