Family Medical Insurance Coverage : Is Pre-Existing Conditions Covered?

If you have a pre-existing medical condition there may be limits to what type and how much insurance you can get. Every company has a policy to some extent regarding these issues. The governments new reform is meant to stop these businesses from denying people adequate coverage, even if they have an already existing problem. Before those rules take effect however you will most likely either be denied or have expensive rates. Each problem is usually taken on a case by case basis which means you may or may not be negatively effected by your current situation. Remember that when you are looking for family medical insurance coverage you must be honest about your medical history.

What Types Of Problems Are Not Covered

Usually the major issues that are expensive to treat are not covered. That puts people who really need coverage in a bad position where they simply can’t afford treatment. While there are many non-profit clinics, the cost of major surgery is such that without insurance you may not get it. Many people who can’t afford family medical insurance coverage are also unable to qualify for public health care which is another problem in this country. If you are looking for family medical insurance coverage and already have a medical problem you will need to research the best provider for your specific needs. This is just another example of why always having insurance is very important.

Consider All Your Options Carefully Even The Cheaper Ones

If you truly can’t afford or even get insurance for your condition there are other options. Consider getting a discount plan that will at least take some of the extra costs and pay for them. Maybe you could get a plan that covers most everything else or at least some portion of your treatment. Some will give you higher amounts of coverage for either a larger deductible or higher premium. Being proactive will allow you to get the best deal possible from a good provider, even with a pre-existing condition.

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