Family Health Plans : Do I Need Maternity Even If I Am Not Pregnant?

Families today consider it important to make wise decisions regarding their family health plans, but many do not know where to start. These health plans can include a lot of variables, and here we will discuss the importance of including a maternity clause even for women who are not yet pregnant.

Why Maternity Coverage?

With so many other health care issues to consider, obtaining maternity coverage may be the last thing on a woman’s mind, especially if she is not currently pregnant. However, pregnancy is always a possibility that couples must bear in mind.

Pregnancy Costs

Pregnancy costs vary greatly, but a couple must also bear in mind that there are 9 months of prenatal care that must also be paid for. A normal pregnancy with no complications can cost as much as $10,000. This figure can more than double in pregnancies where complications do arise. Being covered through family health plans can take away the emotional stress involved in an unplanned pregnancy.

Planning Ahead

Many individuals obtain basic health insurance when they begin their first serious job as a young adult. At this time in a person’s life, they may not be considering all eventualities that can occur down the road. It is easy for a single woman or a woman who is not planning to become pregnant to brush off the need for maternity coverage. However, should the unforeseen occur, a great deal of stress can be avoided if pregnancy was included in the family health plans that a woman chose.

Coverage after the Fact

Many insurance companies will not cover a woman who is already pregnant, as they count this as a pre-existing medical condition. Also, when obtaining a new health plan or switching plans, there may be a wait time involved during which no maternity coverage will be allowed for. This time frame is generally six months, although it can be longer with some insurance companies.

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