Family Health Care : Questions to Ask When Finding a Pediatrician

Ensuring the health and well being of your children is one of the most important tasks a parent must perform. Choosing the right pediatrician to provide quality family health care and listen to parent’s concerns is an important part of parenting.

Questions For The Insurance Company

Before approaching a doctor’s office, first consult the insurance provider for their family health care plan and request a list of approved doctors. It is also important to know exactly what procedures are covered under the terms of their family health care plan and what the co-payment will be for routine doctor visits and lab work.

Things To Ask At The Doctor’s Office

When selecting a doctor, there are some things one should ask before deciding on a practitioner. Find out if they accept your family health care insurance first. If so, ask how many patients they see on an average day. The more patients they see the longer you may have to wait before you are see, and it may also be difficult to schedule appointments. Find out what the after hours procedures are for emergencies, and ask about any other doctors that may stand in for your primary care provider in the event he or she is not available. If anyone in your family has a pre-existing condition, it’s a good idea to discuss that with the doctor and find out what their expertise in the area is.

Other Things To Consider When Finding A Pediatrician

Before deciding on which pediatrician you will be using, consider things like location of the office, alternative payment methods, and which hospital the doctor will practice in. It’s also wise to find out if they do their own lab work inside the office or if you will need to use a hospital or other clinic. Finally, you may want to ask some current patients about the doctor and nurses and see how likely they are to recommend them. Word of mouth is a great way to find a good pediatrician.

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