Where can I find dental insurance with no waiting period?

If you need immediate dental insurance because of an urgent or painful dental issue, it is better to get yourself some dental insurance that has no waiting period. Most states provide dental insurance without waiting period for preventive and maintenance care.

However most of the time, there is a waiting time for restorative services. As dental insurers, discount dental plans and dental PPOs all offer different coverage, it is important you find the best dental coverage for you before signing up.

Group dental insurance

New employees can generally get dental insurance without a waiting period through an employer as employees are in a group. So no matter if you are employed or not, you qualify for a group. AARP is a company that offers non-employer group dental insurance coverage where the coverage is provided by Delta Dental. Spirit Dental also has no waiting period; however check the percentage of total claim they cover as most insurers pay 50% for restorations once coverage starts.

Dental PPOs

Dental PPOs or preferred provider organizations like Blue Cross Blue Shield offers dental insurance called BlueCare. It is available in some states without a waiting period. You just have to use a provider in their network for economical dental care. Another provider with a network of dentists in a preferred provider organization is United Health One.

Discount dental plans

Discount dental plans offer a cost-effective means of getting immediate dental care without any waiting period. However as the system requires that you use a dentist in their network, it’s important you ensure there is a dentist in the network near you whose services you can use before you join these plans. One of the largest providers of discount dental plans is Delta Dental while Ameriplan Dental offers a common discount dental plan.

So you can get dental insurance without a working period if you are in a group providing dental insurance, and some programs in states that have preferred provider networks where you have to use their network of dentists for affordable dental care.

However in case of dental plans where you have significant dental work, you may have to wait a few days from the application is approved, without any additional waiting period. These plans are not actually insurance plans, so you don’t have to wait upfront or wait for reimbursement. This is why it is important that you carefully read the plans before contracting with these plans for dental coverage without waiting period.

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