Where can I find dental insurance that covers braces?

The best place to look for dental braces insurance is HMO and PPO plans where most HMO insurance plans cover most of your total braces treatment. However as this coverage is not substantial, it is important that you first ask your braces insurance company about the portion of orthodontics braces treatment it covers.

Complete coverage for severe cases

This is essential as in most cases; braces treatment is considered more of a cosmetic procedure. Consequently, its difficult finding a good insurance company that covers the entire treatment. Generally, braces insurance is catered to make the treatment more affordable for patients.

However in severe cases, the insurance company may provide full coverage, including any required jaw surgery and braces. Severe cases are cases where the patient suffers such a severe underbite that it affects their speaking, eating and jaw functioning.

Shop around and collect quotes

Each case is considered individually, and some orthodontists specialize and work with insurance companies to help patients get as much coverage as possible. This is why it is important to shop around and collect quotes for the entire braces treatment.

While some insurance companies cover only 10% of the treatment, some cover even more. So look around till you find the best rate and an orthodontist that helps you get straight teeth. Another alternative is calling your local orthodontist to find out the best braces insurance company they work with.

Look for other payment alternatives

Remember that while getting braces will not be high on your list of priorities and reasons for health and dental insurance, it does affect your decision. While the cost of braces varies, invisible treatments of braces costs are rather high.

In a nutshell, most insurance companies do not provide coverage for braces. The only option left is to ask your orthodontist for payment alternatives like spreading the payments during treatment period. With low monthly payments, you will find your braces treatment to be rather affordable, even if you don’t have braces insurance coverage.

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