Reviews of the top dental insurance plans

There are many factors that determine the best dental insurance plans. Here are some of the best providers in the market, with the best plans offered for families and individuals.

Delta Dental

Delta Dental offers various dental insurance plans under their Dental for everyone program. The Gold plans offer a $50 deductible and you have to pay 50-80% for fillings, 60-100% for cleanings and 0-50% for crowns and root canals.

The classic plan has a similar deductible but you pay for 60-80% for fillings and 80-100% for cleanings. Another difference between these two plans is that the Gold Plan offers a maximum of $1000 in coverage every year while the classic option offers $1500 of coverage annually.

Security Life

This dental insurance provider offers two excellent plans. The VIP 1250 plan offers a $50 deductible, $1250 coverage maximum and pays 50-80% of fillings cost, 100% of cleaning costs and 0-50% for crowns and root canals. The coverage for the VIP 1000 plan is similar but with a $1000 maximum coverage and fixed payment rates of 80%, 50% and 100 % for fillings, crowns and root canals and cleanings respectively.

The provider also offers Option plans which are PPO-Fee Schedule plans where the Option 45B plans offers similar coverage as VIP 1000 but at a lower price. The Option 40B plan’s coverage depends on the procedure like if it is diagnostic, restorative or preventative.

Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide offers quality dental coverage through Classic plans. Their Classic 150 A and 2000 A plans offer 50% coverage for crowns and root canals and 80% coverage for fillings and cleanings with $50 and $150 deductible for individuals and families respectively.

The difference between the two plans is that 1500 A offers a maximum annual coverage of $1500 and 2000 A, $2000. There is another plan, the Classic Select 2000 A plan that offers 100% coverage for cleanings, 60% for crowns and root canals and 80% coverage for fillings with the same deductible and maximum coverage as Classic 2000A. However this plan is implanted only within a specific network of dentist offices. If you approach different dental offices for treatment, the coverage percentage is lower.

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