Review of AARP dental insurance plans

Dental expenses are rather expensive; no matter if you require a minor cleaning or a filling, it costs you hundreds of dollars. Paying this can be expensive without a dental plan, which is why many people shy away from dental treatments and end up with deteriorating dental health.

As the elderly face maximum dental issues and have limited means of covering these expenses, there are dental insurance plans in the market that target the specific needs of the elderly. One such plan is the AARP dental insurance plan.

Cheap dental insurance plans

The AARP dental plan is provided by the non-profit membership organization AARP and is designed for those 50 and over in age for the different insurance benefits members are entitled to. As AARP has a partnership with Delta Dental Insurance Company for providing dental coverage to its members, AARP members are eligible for various PPO plans from Delta Dental Insurance Company.

AARP generally offers cheap dental insurance plans; however its rates vary for each state. As a member, you can also enroll your spouse or dependent children below 26 years of age to the plan. There are also group insurance policies available for families. Most AARP dental insurance plans offer maximum coverage for most dental treatments and also offer high standard dental treatments.

Coverage based on chosen plan

While you are eligible for the plan’s coverage immediately on enrolment, you have to wait for a year to avail full plan benefits and insurance coverage for preventive and corrective dental procedures. The expanse of this coverage depends on the plan you choose.

However with AARP, you can avail the following services at registered dentist’s offices in their network or outside the network within the first 12 months- cleanings, denture repair, oral surgery, basic restorative procedures like fillings, rebase and relinig, endodontics or root canals, diagnostic and preventive care and periodontal maintenance.

A vast network

After the first year, you can avail these additional procedures- periodontics, crown, prosthodontics or dentures, cast restorations and temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

The AARP network covers more than 65,000 dental locations; however if you choose to use the services of a dentist who is not included in this network or a premier dentist, you can but at an additional premium. For your added convenience, you can apply for AARP dental insurance online too for minimum hassles and maximum benefits in your old age dental coverage.

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