Removal Insurance : Are there insurance plans for pulling teeth?

Pulling teeth is such an unpleasant experience that the phrase has become a metaphor for getting people to do difficult tasks. When a person finds that he needs a molar or wisdom teeth removed from his mouth, he may find that finding a dentist who will do it is not quite like pulling teeth. Dealing with an insurance company might cause him a set of completely different problems, however.

Insurance does not exist exclusively for teeth removal, but most dental plans cover the cost of oral surgery and tooth extraction. As long as a person has paid his deductible, the cost of the procedure will be covered. The company may pay a charge the policy holder a small co-pay after he finishes his dentist visit.

Wisdom Teeth and Molars

Infected molars and wisdom teeth ground into the gums cause a great deal of pain. A patient does not need to worry that he cannot get a painful or infected tooth worked on if he does not have insurance. Dentists and hospitals that perform dental work are more than willing to take cash for the procedure. If a patient can afford the money this procedure costs, which is usually several hundred dollars, he does not need to have insurance. Churches and medical assistance may help someone with limited funds afford the cost of dental care.

If a patient is not sure whether or not his dental insurance covers the cost of pulling teeth, all he has to do is pull out the paperwork and find out what it does and does not cover. If he still cannot find this information, he may need to call his insurance company and add teeth extraction to his dental policy.

Under extreme circumstances, a medical policy may pay for a tooth extraction, but only if the petitioner can prove that it is a medical necessity. If a person has both medical and dental insurance, he can expect the companies to fight it out over who will have to pay for the procedure. One company will consider it dental while the other will consider it medical to avoid having to pay money to the dentist.

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