Medical Dental Insurance : A combo plan can save you money

Health insurance plans do not normally cover dental work. Even though some forms of dentistry are vital to a person’s health, many people find that certain procedures, such as removal of an infected tooth will cause the medical and dental companies to fight it out over who has to pay the bill. Not only is this a problem when a person needs such care, carrying both types of insurance is usually expensive.

Carry One Type of Insurance

Instead of carrying two types of insurance, a consumer can save money by buying a combination plan that offers both types of coverage. More importantly, because it is covering more than one aspect of a person’s health, there is no debate over who needs to pay for the procedure.

Reduce Paperwork and Payments Made

Combining the plan also reduces the amount of paperwork in a person’s life. He gets one bill instead of two, unless he chooses to pay online. While not paying two bills and reducing the amount of paper is a great convenience, it does not have much to do with saving a person money on his health insurance bill.

Save Money By Buying More Coverage

Because a consumer buys more coverage under the policy, he is given a break on the cost. While he pays more than he would for either plan individually, he can save hundreds of dollars per year with a medical dental combo plan. Sometimes, a person can save as much as 50% as he would on both plans.

Who Offers Medical Dental Combo Plans?

A lucky person may find that his employer offers this level of coverage. If an employer only offers one type of benefit, it will usually be health insurance only. A person without insurance will have to shop around to find a company that offers a combination plan. As with any other insurance policy, the rate a person pays depends on the state of health. At least when a person goes into a dentist’s office with an infected tooth, he can be sure he’s covered. There still may be an argument about which side will pay for the coverage.

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