Is wisdom teeth removal covered under dental insurance?

If you have a dental insurance policy, and have to remove your wisdom teeth it is most likely that your insurance provider will cover some or all of the procedure costs. However as not all dental insurance providers cover the costs of wisdom tooth removal; it is important that you check with your dental insurance provider representative to verify what is covered and what’s not.

Most insurance providers offer limited coverage

Though this may be a bit time consuming, the knowledge is well worth it in the long run as everyone knows that dental and health insurance coverage is complicated where you can easily misunderstand important information.

Most of the dental insurance providers today provide limited coverage and thus may not provide the required coverage if you undergo more than a simple extraction. For example, wisdom teeth may be impacted wherein the tooth to be removed is completely encased in the jawbone and grows into the neighboring tooth.

Oral surgery should be covered by health insurance

In such a case, the dentist has to remove some of the surrounding bone to extract the tooth. In some other cases, the tooth is too impacted for a dentist and can be removed only by an oral surgeon. In such cases, the dental insurance provider may not pay for such a procedure as they consider oral surgery should be covered by health insurance.

Ask before signing

However as there are different types of situations for removing wisdom teeth, and many different dental insurance providers to choose from, it is better to check with your dental insurance representative to find out if your provider pays for wisdom teeth extraction or pays partial reimbursements if and when your dentist suggests wisdom teeth extraction. In fact, it’s even better if you make it a habit to ask before signing on a specific policy.

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