Individual Dental Plan : You might fit into one of these group plans

Many individuals are facing the dilemma of losing their health care and must make tough decisions about what kind of coverage to choose. People who have long had their dental insurance included in their health insurance package are not finding these benefits being cut by their employers. Individual dental insurance can be very expensive and the individual may be able to qualify into a group dental plan.

Who should I purchase dental insurance from?

All dental insurance plans are designed to pay all or a cost of the dental expense incurred by an individual or a family unit. There are several different types of coverage available. There are plans administered by the employee’s employer, plans that are run through a licensed insurance agent, an insurance broker or an online insurance agency. All of these plans can be a good fit for you and your family. There is no set percentage that a dental plan will pay and no such regulations have been set forth at the present time. The customer must review each plan to carefully see what the percentage of payment will be.

What type of plan is the least expensive to purchase?

There are three types of dental plans available today. The most expensive is the individual dental plan because each individual customer picks their own dentist. Many people like the ability to be able to choose whichever dentist they prefer but because of this it is one of the more expensive options available. Another form of a dental plan is a Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO).This plan is usually cheaper than the individual dental plan because the family dentist and individual dentist are not paid for services provided but instead paid on a per capita basis (per person). The third type of plan is the Preferred provider organizations (PPO). This plan falls in between the individual plan and the DHMO as far as cost goes. It is cheaper than the individual plan but more expensive than the DHMO plan. Many people like this plan because of more choices in providers but yet the ability to save over an individual plan as well.

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