Full Coverage Dental Insurance : What the most comprehensive plans include

Having full coverage dental insurance has many benefits. Dental procedures have become very expensive and there are few options for paying for each service. Save money and get some peace of mind by having full coverage dental insurance.

What is full coverage dental insurance?

Full coverage dental insurance is essentially a program that links the consumer with the provider at a discounted price. Full coverage plans have a network of dentists that will apply a discounted fee to the patient that is insured. Then the insurance will pay a certain amount of the fee due and the patient will then be required to cover the rest. The amount that an insurance company will pay depends on how much the patient pays in monthly premiums. Some dentists may also take payments and offer discounts for patients paying in cash. Some dentists have referral programs where they offer discounts or cash savings for referring new patients to their practice.

What procedures are covered by full coverage dental insurance?

Most full coverage dental plans will cover nearly every dental procedure. Routine procedures such as cleaning, plaque removal, fillings, crowns, and caps will fall under a full coverage plan. More in depth procedures like root canals, bridges, wisdom teeth pulling, and other oral surgeries are usually covered as well. Full coverage dental insurance will typically cover the cost of dentures. In rare cases, some specialist procedures like whitening, veneers, and braces may be covered but it will depend on the type of plan and which company provides it.

Who can get full coverage dental insurance?

Anyone who can afford the premiums can qualify for full coverage dental insurance. The amount that each person qualifies for will vary greatly depending on the type of plan and the company who provides it. Full coverage plans are ideal for people who require an expensive procedure or who will frequently need to have procedures done. Routine care plans are better for those who are in good dental health and only require yearly check ups or cleanings.

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