Discount Dental Plans : Make sure you have at least these benefits

Affordable dental plans are now available to help you save money on quality dental services that your dental insurance may or may not include. These easy-to-use discount dental plans are used as an alternative to dental insurance. You can save money on routine services, like teeth cleanings, x-rays and fillings. Many of them offer a wide choice of plans and dentists as well as quick plan activation without the hassles of filling out paperwork. Plans designed for a single person, employee or organizational groups and families are available that will save money for dental care. Discounted fees and services are provided upon simply presenting your membership card.

AmeriPlan Corporation

AmeriPlan Corporation is known as the largest discounted fee-for-services program in the country. Since 1992 those who joined have been saving millions of dollars in benefits. There are no waiting periods involved and your membership is immediate upon joining. In fact, when you join online, your membership card can be printed and you can go to your dental provider the very same day. AmeriPlan’s Dental Plus Program helps you save by pricing your program to include your entire household and 3 other programs besides dental. There are no limits on visits or services, there are close to 30,000 network providers, you can change you dentist anytime you like, and all dental specialists are available with this program.


The best care from leading family and cosmetic dentists can be found at Dental They offer discounted plans where you can experience exceptional savings on your dental care services. Those regular services that are needed by the whole family will go easy on your pocketbook. By joining one of these dental insurance alternatives, you can choose from qualified specialists in your area that provide routine dental exams to cosmetic dentistry. When you decide on the plan that’s right for you and your family, you will benefit by saving ten to sixty percent on your dental care services that will be provided to you by a variety of oral surgeons, endodontists and other dental specialists. The discounted plans offered are group, individual and family plans.

Using Your Discounted Plan

Upon registering or joining any discounted dental plan, you can get your services done at a good discount. Just show your membership card at your dental visit to one of the suggested providers. You can use your card as often as you need it because there are no maximum benefits, no insurance deductibles, claim forms or background checks.

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