Dental Providers : List of questions to ask to get the best provider

With the cost of routine dental care on the rise, many Americans are scurrying to purchase dental insurance. Unfortunately, not all benefit plans are created equal. Avoid paying a hefty price tag by doing some footwork before making a purchase decision. To ensure the shoe fits, ask potential dental providers the following questions.

How long has the company been in business?

In short, the longer the better. Companies that have been around for many years tend to offer a larger array of options, have a larger provider network, and give clients more flexibility in customizing their dental plan.

What will this cost me?

Ask for a specific amount, nothing general. Remember ballpark numbers are NOT your friend. Any potential provider should be able to go over the monthly cost, co-pays, and savings on major procedures. Be specific! See what types of discounts they offer!

Does your company belong to the National Association Of Dental Plans?

This organization regulates and monitors dental providers. Yes, companies registered with NADP do cost a few dollars more, however you can rest assured knowing such businesses will be around for the long term.

What’s the customer service number?

How often do you read an insurance pamphlet only to realize you have more questions than answers? Any reputable dental care provider should have a toll-free customer service number readily available. Organizations offering this option tend to place a high emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Can I have a list of dental providers in my area?

Keep in mind, the longer the list, the more options you will have. As an extra precaution, call a few providers which stand out, to ensure a good choice.

Which procedures are covered under my plan?

Ask for a list of procedures the insurance company covers, as well as the fee schedule involved. Having a hard copy makes it easier to compare multiple organizations simultaneously.

Are there any perks?

Due to a large amount of competition more and more dental providers are becoming creative with their incentives. However, they do like to keep that quiet, so make sure to ask! Perks may include anything from free services to prescription cards.

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