Dental Plan : List of benefits you should consider before buying

Choosing a dental plan can be a time consuming task. When deciding what type of dental plan or coverage you need there are some things to consider.

Evaluate Your Dental Needs

Ask yourself a few questions first to help narrow things down. How often do you go to the dentist? Is it just for routine check ups? Do you have any pressing dental needs that you have been putting off? Do you need dental coverage for just yourself or your family?

It is you and your spouse only? How much can you comfortable afford to pay? How much does your employer pay? Are you buying dental coverage on your own? Make a list answering these questions to start to evaluate the dental coverage you need.

Decide What Type Of Plan Is Right For You

PPO and DMHO are the two basic types of dental coverage. Discount is a third option. Let’s take a look at each of these.

What PPO Offers

PPO has an annual deductible and yearly maximum (for dental expenses). Coverage is divided as a percentage among preventative, basic and major care. PPO gives you a network of dentists to chose from. The main advantage is discounts for using in-network providers and most PPO plans include out of network coverage. The main disadvantage is that deductibles will change when you renew the plan each year.

What DMHO Offers

DMHO plans are like HMO plans (which are being phased out). DMHO plans have a yearly deductible and additional co-pay for network dentists. The main advantages of a DMHO plans are good benefit coverage for all procedures, including preventative with reasonable premiums. The main disadvantages include a smaller network of dentists to chose from and no out of network coverage.

What Discount Plans Offer

Discount plans offer a discount for using a dentist that is in network. The main advantages of discount plans include no deductibles, annual maximums or waiting period and low cost. The main disadvantage is that it is not actually insurance.

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