Dental Insurance Student : What a student dental plan must include

When students heads off for college or university studies, it is important that they don’t neglect their dental health since neglecting oral care can cause a host of other illnesses. Spending on student dental insurance is a wise investment and there are a check list of things to consider to make sure that the dental health plan selected will be right for the student’s needs. Having a student dental plan can offer peace of mind to both students and parents for the time period when they are studying away from home.

Preventative Care

A student dental plan should at minimum include regular cleanings and check ups at the dentist as a preventative measure against more expensive procedures. Basic student dental plans also cover such procedures as repairing minor teeth chipping, filling cavities, diagnostic X-rays, tooth extraction and fluoride treatments to prevent cavities. If a student has a pre-existing dental condition, ongoing care while a student will not be covered by a student dental health plan.

Obtaining Group Coverage

Many colleges and universities make it affordable for their students to enroll in a student dental health plan by offering combined coverage with a student’s health insurance. Check to see if your school offers such a combined rate to include basic dental services, which will be much more affordable than purchasing an individual dental health insurance plan.

Read the Fine Print

Before signing up with any student dental plan, it is important to know what dentists in the area will accept patients under this plan. If a student goes home and has work done by their local dentist, the plan may not cover the costs incurred. It is also important to understand if the dental services outlined in the plan are covered up to 100% or if the student is responsible for a percentage of any fees incurred, which usually run between 30% and 50%. Know up front what the annual cap is on dental payments using the insurance, usually around $1,000 per year with any costs over and above this amount incurred by the patient.

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