Dental Insurance Plans : What should you be looking for in the best plans?

There are many different dental plans out there. Each plan offers different covered services, different deductibles, etc. It can be very confusing. What should you look for in the best plans? A good plan should cover both preventative and reparative problems with dental care.


Most major dental problems people encounter happen because they did not get good diagnostic/preventive care. These problems are usually little problems that turned into bigger problems. Like most health issues early detection and treatment is key. A good dental plan will cover dental exams, bite wing x-rays, total mouth x-rays, and regular teeth cleanings. If there are children on the plan the plan should also cover fluoride treatments and sealants. These are all procedures that can prevent big dental problems in the long term.


Reparative problems are teeth that need repaired such as fillings, root canals, crowns, bridge work etc. If the procedure is considered a basic repair such as fillings or root canals a good dental plan will cover 70 to 80% of the fee. If it is major reparative work such as a bridge, crown or gum treatment a good plan with split the cost and pay 50% of the cost. There are very few dental plans that cover orthodontia services. These services are considered cosmetic.


There are other considerations when looking for the best plan. One should consider if there is a pre existing condition clause. This means any pre existing dental condition for a certain amount of time would not be covered under the plan for a specified amount of time. Also consider if there is a deductible to be met. There are sometimes caps on the amount a plan will pay for year as well.


As you can see there are many things to look for when researching the best dental plan for you. A plan should support early detection and preventive care. It should also share the responsibility for major and minor reparative problems. Be sure to review the policy for its terms such as deductibles and pre existing clauses.

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