Dental Insurance For Seniors : Tricks for seniors to get the best insurance

Because Medicare does not include dental coverage and most seniors are on a fixed budget, it pays to know a few tricks for getting the best deal on senior dental insurance. Because the health of a senior’s dental work can actually impact many other systems in the body including the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, it is important to attend to dental problems as well as take preventative measures when dealing with dental health. Finding a good deal on senior dental insurance makes it affordable to stay healthy.

Read the Fine Print

Seniors who want the best deal on dental insurance need to thoroughly know and understand the waiting periods, exclusions and criteria that must be met for the policy to cover certain dental procedures. Seniors should contact their current dentist to ask if they accept payments from the insurance vendor under consideration. Be careful to note if certain procedures are not covered that may represent pre-existing dental conditions. Be sure to understand if the policy you are purchasing pays 100% of the costs incurred or just a percentage of that cost. It’s also important to know if the patient is responsible for upfront costs and is then reimbursed by the insurance company.

Get Covered with the Group

Membership has certain privileges and some senior membership clubs such as the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) offers members dental insurance plans that can be more affordable than individual coverage. If the senior is a member of a union or professional organization, check on whether group dental coverage is offered. Check online to see if there are dental discount plans offered with several months of free coverage as an incentive for trying the policy.

Evaluate Your Real Needs

Seniors who have a relatively good dental health history can benefit from a basic dental plan that includes regular maintenance check ups and cleanings instead of paying higher rates to include more complicated dental procedures such as dentures and bridgework. Most basic dental plans cover all or part of the cost of such dental procedures as fillings, tooth extractions, crowns and oral surgery. Seniors who come across a discount dental plan offered by a particular dentist or group of dentists may consider switching from their regular dentist in order to qualify for the discounted rate.

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