Dental Insurance For Retired Persons

Retirement is only a phase where you retire from your work; however you still have to be careful with your health, especially oral health. This is because you are more inclined to dental problems as you age. Some medications you take for other health problems may affect your saliva production and thus make it difficult for your mouth to cleanse itself while the aging process can lead to receding gums.

Consequently, the rising economy makes it difficult for most senior citizens to afford both routine and emergency dental care. This is why it is important that you get yourself some dental insurance for retired persons to help you take care of your oral health without pinching your pocket.

Medicare dental coverage

Most people with a Medicare card think that this government sponsored program proves helpful in covering the costs of routine and complex dental care. However this is not true as by law, Medicare cannot pay for fillings, cleanings, crowns, dentures and most dental work. Though there are some exceptions, you cannot consider Medicare to be a source of dental insurance for seniors.

AARP dental insurance for seniors

A much better option is joining the American Association of Retired Person after the age of 50 wherein members in good standing are eligible to join the AARP dental insurance plan offered by Delta Dental.

According to this plan, you can choose between two tiers of coverage:

• Plan A which offers a huge range of benefits for a moderate premium amount.

• Plan B which offers a low premium for coverage of fewer services.

No matter which plan you join, your premium costs remain the same for two years. Moreover, both plans require that you wait for a year after joining it to get crowns, dentures or any other similar complex dental interventions.

Discount dental plans

Dental plans offer a great alternative to AARP for various reasons. For one, you don’t have to be a member of AARP or similar organizations to join the plan. Moreover, there are not as many restrictions here as with the AARP and you don’t have to wait for a year to get a crown or dentures. Cost wise, the plan does not have an annual maximum cap and as you just have to pay a low monthly fee, you start saving immediately.

Dental HMO plans

These plans offer discount dental plans through their designated provider office. While the plan offers free routine and preventive care, you have to use the services of a dentist from their approved dentist list, and may have to pay an enrolment fee to avail the services.

Dental insurance –Indemnity plans

This plan pays 50-80% of your dentist fees and the remaining amount has to be borne by you. To avail this benefit, you have to pay an average monthly cost that’s more than US$25 per month and you get to choose your own dentist. However the deductible amount of these plans may differ from one plan to another and there is a chance of these plans limiting the services that are covered in a particular year.

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